Investment Philosophy


Our approach is based on a variety of techniques designed to help minimize downside risk while providing competitive returns. Each strategy has its own methodology and rules. Because they are also uncorrelated, they provide true diversification, taking risk-managed investing to an even higher level. Diversification across multiple risk-controlled strategies supports our primary goal of avoiding large-scale losses. We seek to manage wealth for both performance and protection.

We utilize strategies emphasizing low correlation to broader volatile market activity. Our multi-faceted approach, designed to avoid large drawdowns, employs hedged equity with the use of protective options. These tactical strategies, which dynamically adjust to market conditions, are utilized along with multiple other sophisticated techniques.

These are critical mistakes investors make all too often. They divert investors from the ultimate long-term goal, which is cumulative dollar returns. An over-focus on percentage return performance can blind investors to market volatility and downturns. This makes it more difficult to see how long-term declines erode a portfolio’s capacity for compounded growth.

Dynamically Shift Flexibility
The investment landscape has changed in recent decades. The buy-and-hold mentality of the 1980s and 1990s is really no strategy at all because it leaves your wealth vulnerable to a devastating decline in the stock market. That is why LS Wealth Management℠ uses tactical approaches to monitor the market. When these tactical indicators signal a market decline, we move your assets into a risk-off position to protect them from stock market losses. When these tactical indicators signal that the market is moving up, we move into a risk-on posture so that you can benefit from bull market movements.

We do all this because we believe your best is yet to come
Our priority is to protect what you have spent a lifetime accumulating — your wealth. No two client situations are the same. We develop and implement these tailor-made strategies that are suited for your individual investment goals and risk tolerance.

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