The 2020 Presidential Election and The Market. How it Could Affect You?

The 2020 Presidential Election and The Market. How it Could Affect You

This election will be one for the history books with two very different approaches. The upcoming presidential election has proposed changes. Learn more about some of the proposed changes such as a drastic shift in tax policy. Find out how to implement strategies you could do right now to navigate some of these anticipated changes and be proactive with your financial planning.

Join RFC®, CEO Laura Stover as she walks us through this webinar on the upcoming election and how to be proactive rather than reactive with your retirement portfolio.

Laura H. Stover, RFC®

Laura H. Stover, RFC®

Investment Advisor Representative, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Founder of LS Wealth Management LLC℠, Laura is also a founding member of LS Tax LLC, a consulting and tax planning firm. Laura has become a well-known financial go-to resource for national media outlets. She’s been featured in and recognized by industry magazines such as the Register and the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

She has been a guest contributor for CNBC, FOX Business, US News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

Laura also co-authored Successonomics™ with Forbe’s Editor-in Chief, Steve Forbes.

Laura hosts The Retirement Talk Podcast Redefining Wealth Show.

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