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At LS Wealth, we oversee all aspects of your wealth to create a unified approach that reflects your goals. Guided by the strategies embodied in the LS Redefining Wealth Process, we build a retirement income plan that meets your needs for consistent retirement income, wealth preservation and growth and tax-savvy wealth and legacy planning. Our proprietary customized planning process incorporates the Five Key Pillars of your financial journey.

Five Key Pillars for Retirement Planning

LS Redefining Wealth℠ Process is LS Wealth Management’s proprietary approach, which consists of Five Key Pillars for Retirement Planning.

This in-depth strategy utilizes sophisticated financial planning and analysis review software. Employing our exclusive Redefining Wealth Process approach, we analyze your current financial situation and retirement plan through the filter of risks. These risks include inflation, longevity and sequence of return risk. After this rigorous evaluation, you’ll receive a customized retirement income plan with tailored financial strategies designed for you and your unique retirements. This customized plan encompasses every aspect of your financial life, better positioning you to achieve a secure retirement.

Assets are different from income.


Retirement is all about income planning.


Our team believes retirement is synonymous with income planning.

Success in retirement is not about accumulating the largest amount of assets possible. Instead, it’s about generating sustainable income throughout a 25 or 30-year retirement or longer. If you want to thrive in retirement, you need a strong income plan. Our proprietary customized planning process maps out the Redefining Wealth Process, which includes the Five Five Key Pillars of your financial journey. Our financial planning system is evidence-based and designed to position you for a secure retirement.

As part of this process, we incorporate all aspects of wealth and retirement planning to ensure that clients receive a complete, holistic plan. This includes asset production, tax minimization strategies, retirement plan optimization, IRA legacy planning, IRA and 401(k) rollovers, Roth conversion strategies and long-term care optimization. To achieve these goals, we employ a wide variety of investment and insurance products. The specific combination of products and strategies depends on your unique situation and retirement goals.

Custodial Services

We take a multi-layered, tactical approach along with a blend of passive management to investing.

This methodology is designed to be able to dynamically shift and adapt quickly to constantly changing market volatility. Our unique strategy diversification allows investors the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities while still maintaining a definitive, imbedded layer of risk management.

• Institutional Asset Managers

• Managed Portfolios (SMA) Separately Managed Accounts

• Managed Alternative Investments

• Managed Equity

• Managed Stocks

• Managed Bonds

• Bond Alternatives

• Structured Notes

• Index CD


• Hedged Equity

• Fully integrated Insurance Solutions

“It’s not about the latest financial product, it’s about solving your concerns and achieving your aspirations. Let’s visit and chat how we can help you build a total, all-inclusive wealth plan for you.”

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