Our Process

LS Redefining Wealth Process TM

Redefining Wealth Process

The LS proprietary Redefining Wealth Process™ is a framework that financial planning should begin with. Redefining Wealth Process™ will lead you to the life you worked for.

  1. Income
  2. Investment
  3. Tax Planning
  4. Healthcare
  5. Legacy Planning Estate
  6. Liquidity

Our Meeting Process

Appointment Process


We analyze your assets, liabilities, costs, and income to get a clear picture of where you are right now compared to where you need to be in the future and to make sure that approach is grounded in your financial circumstances. With that knowledge in hand, we proceed to assess your scenario and identify any potential gaps that may exist or that your present plan does not cover.

Life ARC Planning system

To position you for success, our in-house cutting-edge planning system was created by top-tier Certified Financial Planner practitioners, CPAs, and Trust Estate attorneys. To be effective, a well-designed solution must take a “goals-based approach” and take into account every aspect of your life, both present, and future.


If your retirement income plan isn’t in writing, it’s not really a plan. Through LS Wealth’s Redefining Wealth Process™, we align your retirement expenses with your income so that you can meet those expenses through consistent, predictable income. We will analyze your current financial strategy to cover any pitfalls, inefficiencies, gaps, or risks.


Our team of experts will walk you through strategies that you will utilize. We will put into action the steps for you to redefine your wealth. LS Wealth structures your portfolio to meet your retirement goals as part of the plan execution phase.

Our Planning Process

Income Planning

With income planning, we want to create a strong foundation, especially one that is not dependent on the economy. The Redefining Wealth Process employs strategies that are specifically designed for you. To calculate and guarantee you have a sustainable income during retirement and to segment your assets for growth and safety.

Investment Planning

As you move closer to retirement, time is no longer on your side. At this stage in life, a mindset shift is required where the focus becomes preserving and growing capital and generating the income that will be needed throughout retirement. We will determine your risk metrics and create a unique and sustainable investment plan customized for you.

Tax Planning

Our tax services have an elite CPA team that is dedicated to serving LS Wealth management’s clients. They proactively build sophisticated tax strategies designed to minimize taxes now and in the future. Retirees and their estates and heirs save thousands of dollars with our approach. This could include tax harvesting technics, Roth conversions, along with a variety of advanced solutions. Our team stays up to date on the latest tax laws and tax court rulings to provide the most current advice possible.


It is important to have flexibility along with the right balance of assets within the overall investment portfolio. This includes having the right amount easily accessible for emergencies and uninspected life events.

Health Care Planning

Health care continues to be one of the largest expenses in retirement. Unlike your parents’ generation, you won’t likely have access to employer or union-sponsored retiree health benefits. So health care costs will likely consume a larger portion of your retirement budget — and you need to plan for that. Even the most carefully crafted retirement income plan can be destroyed by a long-term illness or Medicaid spend-down. It is not enough to simply develop the proper investment plan — what’s required is an in-depth, comprehensive retirement income plan designed to mitigate health care and longevity risk.

Estate Planning

Proactive, strategic estate planning positions your estate to pass wealth onto your beneficiaries in the most tax-advantageous ways. Unfortunately, many retirees lack a team of estate planning experts that can create the most advantageous estate plan possible. At LS Wealth, our team includes all the professionals required to construct a complete and holistic estate plan, including a fiduciary investment advisor, an elder law attorney, and a CPA. This helps your heirs receive their bequests with minimum taxation and very little probate and other delays.