Thinking of adding Silver or Gold?

Last week everyone slightly wished they owned silver. The social media-driven investors who so upset the market with their short squeeze on GameStop spent Saturday and Sunday chatting about doing the same to the metal — which obligingly rose 7.7 percent on Monday alone.

The excitement has died down since the r/WallStreetBets Reddit chatroom has dropped out of the headlines. But while you need never think of GameStop again, you should definitely keep thinking about silver.

“Think of the volume of cash that will spray around economies, and perhaps we are moving into something of a ‘Keynesian golden age”

Precious metals and numismatic coins play fundamental and important roles in a well-diversified investment strategy by providing:

  • A diversifier that can mitigate losses in times of market stress.
  • A liquid asset with no credit risk.
  • A means to enhance an overall investment portfolio performance.
  • A source of long-term returns.

We believe gold and silver, or any commodity,  should never be more than 10% of an overall portfolio.  If you would like more information on this schedule a time to speak. Use the calendar link below or call: 

419-633-0955. Provide your contact information, an LS team member will connect with you. 


Laura H. Stover, RFC®

Laura H. Stover, RFC®

Investment Advisor Representative, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Founder of LS Wealth Management LLC℠, Laura is also a founding member of LS Tax LLC, a consulting and tax planning firm. Laura has become a well-known financial go-to resource for national media outlets. She’s been featured in and recognized by industry magazines such as the Register and the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.

She has been a guest contributor for CNBC, FOX Business, US News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

Laura also co-authored Successonomics™ with Forbe’s Editor-in Chief, Steve Forbes.

Laura hosts The Retirement Talk Podcast Redefining Wealth Show.

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